Mono variant of mbed::DigitalOut class, adding setMode() method.

This class is an extension of mbed’s DigitalOut class, adding an additional contructor and public method.

The additional function is the possibility to change the pin drive mode, such that it does not need to be strong drive (CMOS). This class allows you to set the mode to PullUp / PullDown / OpenDrain.

To see how you use the DigitalOut class, please refer to the mbed documentation page

Public Functions

DigitalOut::DigitalOut(PinName pin, int value, PinMode mode)

Construct a output pin with a specific output mode, other than the default strong drive (CMOS).

WARNING: The mode is set AFTER the pin value. You should account for this possible hazard, by setting a sound initial value.

  • pin -

    The pin identifier

  • value -

    the initial value of the pin.

  • mode -

    the initial drive mode of the pin

void DigitalOut::setMode(PinMode mode)

Set the pins drive mode.

Use this method to enable resistive pull up/down or open drain modes.

  • mode -

    The pin drive mode to use