A generic frame that is used to communicate which the module Subclasses of this will represent data or management frames.

Public Types

enum type mono::redpine::ModuleFrame::FrameDirection

List of frame direction, sent og received


The frame is a request to the module

The frame is a response from module

enum type mono::redpine::ModuleFrame::RxTxCommandIds

List of request commands id’s


= 0x00

Frame is data frame

= 0x10
= 0x11
= 0x12
= 0x13
= 0x14
= 0x15
= 0x16
= 0x17
= 0x18
= 0x19
= 0x1B
= 0x1C
= 0x1D
= 0x20
= 0x21
= 0x22
= 0x23
= 0x24
= 0x25
= 0x26
= 0x29
= 0x3A
= 0x40
= 0x41
= 0x42
= 0x43
= 0x44

DNS Resolution lookup command

= 0x49

Query the modules firmware version

= 0x51

HTTP Client, GET request

= 0x52

HTTP Client, POST request

= 0xCD
= 0xDE
enum type mono::redpine::ModuleFrame::RxCommandIds

List of response command Id’s


= 0x30

Async connection accept request from remote wfd device

= 0x61

Async TCP Socket Connection Established

= 0x62

Async Socket Remote Terminate

= 0x89

Card Ready command, when module is initialized and ready

Public Functions


If this object sits in a queue, this is the pointer the next in the queue Construct an empty frame with no properties set. The frame will not represent any data or any command

virtual ModuleFrame::~ModuleFrame()

Dealloc the frame if its subclass contains resources that should be removed gracefully.

Public Members

FrameDirection mono::redpine::ModuleFrame::direction

Indicate if the frame is request or response

uint16_t mono::redpine::ModuleFrame::length

This is the payload data length

uint8_t mono::redpine::ModuleFrame::commandId

Either a RxTxCommandId or a TxCommand id

Public Static Attributes

const uint8_t mono::redpine::ModuleFrame::size

The size of frame in raw format