4. Release 1.4

November 21th, 2016

We corrected some critical power issues in this release and bugs in the TextLabel object.


  • We added a HTTP OST class called: HttpPostClient, that work like the existing HttpClient. The PostClient uses 2 callbacks where you must provide POST body length and data.
  • (1.4.2 only) Real Time Clock enabled. Mono now has a running system clock, that can be accessed through the DateTime class.
  • (1.4.3 only) Build system always clean before building - since we have experienced errors in the dependency system

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue that caused the voltage on VAUX to changed when Mono went to sleep mode. Now (by default) VAUX is 3.3V and 0V in sleep.
  • Fixed issue that caused J_TIP to change voltage levels in wake and sleep modes. We controlled this issue by limiting the voltage changes. J_TIP is 0V by default when Mono is running and in sleep. But when the USB is connected leakage currents will raise the voltage on J_TIP to 1.7V.
  • Fixed repaint error in TextLabelView, caused setText to fail.
  • Fixed issue in TextRender, that might cause the render to skip glyphs