3. Bare Metal C++: A Practical GuideΒΆ

If you what to be an embedded coding champ, you should really read Alex Robenko’s book: Practical Guide to Bare Metal C++ (and I mean: really!)

Alex’ book goes through very interesting topics of getting C++ runnning on embedded devices. It covers important shortcomings and advantages of C++ in an embedded environment.

If you know C++ you might want to use Exceptions and RTTI features, before you do: Read the book! In contrast, if you do not know C++ you might (will) make mistakes that can take hours to recover from. Again: Read the book!

Here is a short list of most interesting chapters of the book:

  • Dynamic Memory Allocation
  • Exceptions
  • RTTI
  • Removing Standard library
  • Static objects
  • Abstract classes
  • Templates
  • Event loops

As a Mono developer you will face most of these topics.

Read the Book