class mono::IRunLoopTask

THis interface defines tasks or functions that can be inserted into the ApplicationRunLoop.

The interface defines a method that implements the actual logic. Also, the interface defines the pointers previousTask and nextTask. These define the previous and next task to be run, in the run loops task queue.

To avoid dynamic memory allocation of linked lists and queues in the run loop, the run loop handler functions, are themselves items in a linked list.

All classes that that want to use the run loop, must inherit this interface.

NOTE that tasks in the run loop do not have any contraints on how often or how rare they are executed. If you need a function called at fixes intervals, use a Ticker or timer.

Subclassed by mono::display::ILI9225G, mono::power::MonoPowerManagement, mono::QueueInterrupt, mono::Timer, mono::ui::Animator

Protected Functions

virtual void taskHandler() = 0

This is the method that gets called by the run loop.

NOTE that this is not an interrupt function, you can do stuff that take some time.

Protected Attributes

IRunLoopTask *previousTask

A pointer to the previous task in the run loop The the task is the first in queue, this is NULL

IRunLoopTask *nextTask

A pointer to the next task to be run, after this one. If this task is the last in queue, this is NULL

bool singleShot

Tasks are expected to be repetative. They are scheduled over and over again. Set this property to true and the task will not scheduled again, when handled.