If you need to dive a little deeper into the inner workings of Mono, we have collected the datasheets for the components in Mono

You might need to consult specific datasheets for the components in Mono, if you are debugging or just need some advanced features not provided by the API.


Mono’s accelerometer is a MMA8652FC chip by Freescale. It is connected to Mono’s I2C bus.

MMA8652FC Accelerometer datasheet thumbnail
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The accelerometer is handled by the MonoAccelerometer class in the software framework. If you need specific features, or just wish to play with the component directly, you should consult the datasheet.


Mono’s Micro Controller Unit (MCU) is a Cypress PSoC5LP, that is an Arm Cortex-M3 CPU. You can use all its registers and functions for your application, the SDK includes headers for all pins and registers. (You must explicitly include the project.h file.)

The MCU model we use has 64 Kb SRAM, 256 Kb Flash RAM and runs at 66 Mhz.

Cypress PSoC5 Technical Reference Manual thumbnail
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The software framework encapsulates most MCU features in the mbed layer, such as GPIO, interrupts and timers. Power modes is also controlled by the registers in the MCU and utilized by the PowerManagement class.

Display Chip

The display is driven by an ILITEK 9225G chip. On mono we have hardwired the interface to 16 bit 5-6-5 color space and the data transfer to be 9-bit dedicated SPI, where the 9th bit selects data/command registers. (This should make sense, when you study the datasheet.)

Ilitek 9225G display driver specification thumbnail
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In the framework the display controller class ILI9225G utilizes the communication and pixel blitting to the display chip.


Mono uses the Redpine Wifi chip to achieve wireless communication. (The same chip includes Bluetooth for the Maker model, also.) The chip is connected via a dedicated SPI interface, and has a interrupt line connected as well.

Redpine WiseConnect Software Programming Reference Manual thumbnail
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The communication interface is quite advanced, including many data package layers. You can find our implementation of the communication in the ModuleSPICommunication class. This class utilizes the SPI communication from and to the module, it does not know anything about the semantics of the commands sent.

Temperature Sensor

The temperature sensor is an Amtel AT30TS74 chip, connected via the internal I2C bus.

Redpine WiseConnect Software Programming Reference Manual thumbnail
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The temperature interface is used in the AT30TS74Temperature class.